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  •  Superlite Car Builds
  •  Fabrication
  •  SEMA Vehicle Fabrication
  •  Machining
  •  Welding
  •  Mechanical Labor
  •  Race Car Development

Track Services
  •  Track Support
  •  Driver Coaching
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Track Support

CLP Motorsports has over 60 years of combined professional racing experience. We can maintain and develop your racing or street vehicle to its full potential. Our staff of professional racers can give you the edge on your competition with one on one exclusive training.

If you are interested in driving one of our SLC race cars we offer arrive and drive programs. If you decide to purchase a SLC through CLP Motorsports and have us build it, we will credit you the cost of your track session!

The CLP Motorsports driver development coaching staff features professional drivers with real world racing experience including World Champions Larry Roeseler and Tyler McQuarrie, on staff as coaches and proto-type design engineers—ready to take you and your vehicle to the next level.

Types of Support:
  • Professional race team operations, development, logistics and maintenance
  • Pro-Am driver development program
  • Amateur driver development program
  • Track day coaching and refinement
  • Arrive and drive programs
  • Out of country customer vehicle storage with arrive and drive service
  • Concierge level vehicle storage and delivery
  • Vehicle transportation

Types of Motorsports:
  • Grand AM
  • World Challenge
  • Ferrari Challenge
  • ALMS
  • Nascar
  • NASA Pro Racing
  • SCCA Pro Racing
  • HPDE Track Days
  • Porsche GT3 Cup
  • Global Rally Cross
  • Dirt Modified
  • Dirt Hobby Stock
  • Formula Drift

What We Drive


CLP Motorsports is the premier, full-service performance facility in Northern California. Our team specializes in road racing, track attack, drifting, autocross and high- performance street cars.

We offer our customers a wide array of services including performance maintenance, product installation, fabrication, full-service builds, race car setup, product development, part sales, driver coaching, arrive and drive services and more.